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Chapter 1:
  Start Me Up

Chapter 2:
  Get Rhythm

Chapter 3:
·  Changes

Chapter 4:
  Travelling Band
Urban Gorilla
Driving Sideways
The Story of a Band
by Henry Ayrton
Henry Ayrton 1968

3) Changes

Everyone stuck around town for most of that summer and, although the residency at The Nag’s Head had to be curtailed until the bulk of our audience returned at the start of the new term, we still picked up the odd gig to keep our hand in.

The new academic year brought one immediate unwelcome change when we discovered without warning that the lecture theatre where we usually rehearsed was no longer available. We were fairly sure we hadn’t trashed it in a fit of forgetfulness, but the college porters were immovable, if apologetic: we were no longer allowed to practise there. We complained bitterly to the authorities, pointing out that, as the official university rock band (we’d promoted ourselves from being a humble beat group), we absolutely had to have rehearsal facilities in order to fulfil our role of musical ambassadors of such a fine academic institution. This particular line of cynical claptrap seemed, surprisingly, to have some effect and we were grudgingly allowed the temporary use of a dismal, windowless basement room next door to the launderette.

One evening a week or two into term we were grimly plugging away in these far from inspirational surroundings when a hairy head suddenly popped round the door.

“Hello,” it said, “what’s going on?”

“Just playing the blues, man,” came back the well-rehearsed ad-lib, “just playing the blues.”

“Can anyone join in then?” the head asked.