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· Travelling Band
Urban Gorilla
Driving Sideways
The Story of a Band
by Henry Ayrton
Henry Ayrton 1968

4) Travelling Band

Something that was very characteristic of bands in the mid-to-late 1960s, from The Beatles right the way down to The Stark Electric Blues Band, was the speed with which changes took place in both personal appearance and musical style. As far as personal appearance was concerned, everyone in our band steadily looked more scruffy and dissolute as time went by (except for Tad, who’d always looked that way). The most extreme example was Terry who had, when he joined us, very short hair that even a recruiting sergeant might have raised few objections to. After that, though, he simply stopped having it cut and it grew longer and longer until he gradually disappeared behind a cascade of hair when bent over his drum kit.

Andy Thorburn 1969As far as our style in music was concerned, the presence of Tad & Neil in the band provoked a gradual move towards original material. This process accelerated once we’d expanded from a six- into a seven-piece outfit. Our new recruit, who turned up some while later that academic year (1968/9), was a keyboards player called Andy Thorburn. Just how he was introduced to the band I’m not sure but our reputation was such by this stage that he might have found us off his own bat. Something I do remember, though, is that Howard – whether or not he was responsible for unearthing Andy – expressed strong, managerial approval of him and overrode objections from those who thought that there were rather a lot of us in the band already. But since we were genuinely intrigued at the thought of broadening our sound, these objections were only half-hearted.